APASI’s Guaranteed Travel Assurance Plan™

The Guaranteed Travel Assurance Plan™ (GTAP) started back in the early 90’s as an additional product/service offered by Assist America, Inc. in Princeton, New Jersey.  Sales of the GTAP began to increase, the plan was vetted and eventually offered by the largest funeral home companies in North America. In 2004 the GTAP was sold off, became its own entity which is known today as American Pre-Arrangement Services, Inc. (APASI). APASI was owned and operated by two men, Maurie Brashaw and William Craig (Mr. Craig brought the idea of the GTAP to Assist America). These men brought APASI and the GTAP to its highest levels of success in 2009, shortly before Mr. Craig passed away peacefully in his home in Florida. In 2014, APASI President Maurie Brashaw appointed Timothy Brashaw CEO and APASI has continued to be the industry leader in the Return of Mortal Remains while working with some of North America’s largest funeral home and pre-need companies.

APASI, in conjunction with Assist America, has four response centers throughout the world.  The main center is located in Princeton, NJ.  Along with back up centers in Beijing, China; Manila, The Philippines; and Hyderabad, India.  All four of the response centers are staffed with multilingual assistance coordinators to handle calls from all over the world.  As calls come in to the response centers, the coordinators handle the cases as quickly as possible to get our member to their final destination.

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